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Tire Pressure Light

The weather plays a big part in your tires. Hot weather makes your tires overinflate. However, very cold weather may cause your tires to become dangerously underinflated. Newer cars have a tire pressure monitor built in for each wheel that constantly measures the inflation of that tire. Any drop from the recommended inflation pressure of your tires will cause the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on your car to be activated. Your owner's manual will indicate your recommended cold tire inflation PSI. The TMPS alarm is more prone to go off if one of your tires is already underinflated. In addition, cars that sit outside all night will be affected more by the colder weather that those kept in a garage. So check your tire pressure monthly to not only reduce the risk of a blowout, but also to increase your gas mileage and tire life.

Check Engine Light

So, the dreaded Check Engine Light is illuminated on your vehicle's instrument panel. Don't panic, unless that light is flashing. If the check engine light is flashing, immediately go to the nearest repair facility. The flashing check engine light signifies the potential to damage the expensive catalytic converter under your vehicle. On the other hand, if the check engine light is solid you have time to call you trusted service facility to set up an appointment for a scan, diagnosis and repair.


Fix or Replace Your Old Car

You've had your vehicle for over ten years and it seems to be visiting the repair facility more frequently than ever. So you ask yourself: Is it time to let go? The answer is never a simple yes or no when you reach this point. You'll want to get an opinion from your trusted service facility. Ask them to look thoroughly over the vehicle front to back, top to bottom. Ask if the undercarriage is structurally sound. If your vehicle is in the shop and requires engine or transmission replacement or overhaul, ask the facility is the vehicle is worthy of a large repair bill. Keep in mind the value of your vehicle and weigh that against repair costs or a new car monthly payment.

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